Playa Diamante

 Playa Diamante Playa Diamante is an estuary that forms where an underground river delivers fresh water from the clayey sands to the bubbling ocean. The result is a shallow, protected area with almost no currents, making it the perfect beach for families with children. The protected entrance points southeast so no waves. A stunning beach, Playa Diamante is wide and shallow up to 200 meters into the ocean. The narrow, paved road outside the highway provides easy access. Unfortunately, besides the beach, a beautiful park-like lawn with shady trees is often littered with rubbish. On weekends locals come and drive their cars over the sand; watch your kids. Vendors then rent beach chairs and sell beer and food. Playa Dorada Playa Dorada is one of the oldest resorts on the island. Each hotel has its own slice of beach, now almost white, lined with soft sand, thanks to its participation in a $6 million beach revamp. The reefs for snorkeling are right offshore. Gran Ventana Beach Resort at one